Black Dog Gelato: Weird and Wonderful


As the weather gets warmer, your kids are going to clamor for frozen treats, but the same old flavors get a bit tiresome for parents. When you’re looking to satisfy the whole family’s sweet teeth, Black Dog Gelato saves the day. At this bright and simple shop, you can let your imagination run wild with all the creative possibilities on the constantly-rotating menu. Combine a scoop of goat cheese cashew caramel with rosemary Irish cream for an internationally-inspired treat, or see how the subtle flavors of cucumber rosewater sorbet cool the fire of the Mexican hot chocolate. And if you really want a grown-up treat, give the whiskey-bacon gelato bar a try. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the kids. Little ones with a taste for the classics can opt for the silky-smooth flavor of malted vanilla, then take a trip to the sundae station for toppings like cookies, candies, and various sprinkles. After you’ve finished your desserts, stroll down the street to Hamlin Park, where the kids can play while you relax on a bench, still dreaming about the amazingly weird flavors from the gelato geniuses at Black Dog.

Black Dog Gelato

1955 W Belmont Ave Chicago IL 60657

(773) 348-7935

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