Race to the Dubai Autodrome for Family Fun


Fasten your seatbelt — it’s going to be a high-speed ride at the Dubai Autodrome. This state-of-the-art motor sport complex has hosted a wide range of renowned races — including the A1 Grand Prix, the FIA GT Championship, and an intense 24-hour endurance race. Come any time during its year-round, action packed racing season, and the tons of metal and determination roaring across the starting line are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. And if watching world-class auto racing isn’t enough, you can take to the lanes yourself. At the Racing School’s half-day driving course, you’ll learn what it takes to master the track — and will be speeding around in an Audi, Camaro, or single-seat racecar in no time. For a real challenge, try the skid car: floor it on a wet, slippery course that will teach you the skills to handle hazardous conditions on and off the track. You’ll learn what to do when you hydroplane, and how to survive when your car is out of control.

For kids who are too young to drive a car, the Dubai Autodrome offers a kids-only circuit challenge in its Kartdrome. They’ll learn how to drive, turn, brake, and maintain track vision. And when they get onto the track for the real McCoy, they’ll do so in a safe, kids-only environment where they can learn to drive and control their karts under expert supervision. So while they’re having fun, you’ll have no need to worry.

After all of the day’s excitement, you may want to sit down and catch your breath. If your young racers are still fired up from the day’s excitement, head to the Laserdrome. Here, while your kids rush around and battle one another with high-tech laser guns, you can sit back and enjoy the feeling of a successful day at the races with your biggest fans.

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Dubai Autodrome

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