Dubai Miracle Garden: The Biggest Flower Garden in the World


It’s not a city’s sights that best trigger memories, but its smells. For Dubai, that means the lingering sweet smoke of shisha, the intoxicating aroma of spicy meat cooking at the city’s shawarma stands, and the delicate perfume of fresh flowers.

Wait – flowers? In the desert?

Absolutely. This is Dubai after all, where anything is possible, so grab your family and drop by Dubai Miracle Garden, an expansive public park filled with flowers of every color of the rainbow, defying the desert conditions and bringing a taste of European spring to an Emirati winter. Follow your nose toward Arabian Ranches, where this spectacular garden appears to explode up from the ground in a riot of color comprising some 45 million buds. In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s the biggest flower garden in the world, and a stroll through its verdant paths is like a visit to an earthly paradise.

Upon entering the magical oasis, bright flowery formations catch your eyes from all angles. Don’t be too fussy about where to start, as about 2.5 miles of track will ensure you see everything. Take your little ones by the hands and let the enchanting flower formations inspire you. Breathe in the air as you walk underneath heart-shaped arches of red, white, purple, and pink blooms, and gaze in awe at hypercolor flower beds formed into geometric patterns.

Get your camera ready for photo opportunities next to the flower peacock with its long, regal tail, and you can’t miss the incredible-looking pyramids, patterned with intricate designs of all colors. But the pyramids aren’t the only world icons to be rebuilt in flowery form: You’ll definitely stop to gawk at the nearly 60-foot-tall Burj Khalifa made entirely of flower, an impressive feat of engineering that is definitely easier to fit in a photo frame than the real thing.

When you’re in need of a break, you don’t have to leave. Food and beverage facilities and play areas are available for the kids to let off steam. The park is open late, so you can stay until well after sundown if you wish – and we recommend you do, as the illuminated flowers are just as enchanting a sight. Houses and cars covered in bright blooms seem to be glowing from within. And the Miracle Garden will soon include Dubai’s first butterfly park: an international garden with more iconic landmarks recreated with flowers, plus an aromatic section filled with fragrant herbs and medicinal plants from around the world. There, you’ll be able to pluck some herbs and make yourself a cup of tea. A miracle indeed.

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