Urban Spas: The Perfect Getaway


São Paulo, like any other major world city, rarely takes its foot off the accelerator and offers only precious few moments to stop and take a breath. When vacationing in the city, make sure you set aside a day dedicated to escaping the chaos of the city with a visit to an urban spa. This is the perfect way to find the relaxation that you deserve during your stay in São Paulo. Maybe your head is still full of the stresses of home, or perhaps your body is feeling the strain of a long day of sightseeing. Whatever your motive, urban spas will transport you to another dimension of peace, comfort, and luxury, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

São Paulo has seen a steady increase in the number of urban spas in the city, and especially in the numerous first-class hotels to be found around the center. The vast majority have a selection of spa treatments available that include everything from massages and therapies to face, body and, hair treatments. The aim is your total relaxation, which begins the moment you step through the door.

Another of our recommendations is Amazonian Spa at the Hilton Morumbi. Using products native to the Brazilian rain forest, such as cupuassu, copaiba, and guarana oils, they offer a range of massages designed to alleviate jet lag, flush out toxins, or help you recover after a workout. Immerse yourself in the aromas, sights, and sounds of the Amazon and completely forget the outside world.

Elements by Banyan Tree Spa at the Tivoli Mofarrei Hotel lets you travel to Southeast Asia with its exclusive range of Thai and Balinese treatments. Located in the chic neighborhood of Jardins, their massages and therapies are centered more around the healing powers of the human touch than modern technology. The perfect day at Elements starts early with a massage and a relaxing bath, followed by a light lunch and then expert face, hair, and feet treatments.

São Paulo’s huge Ibirapuera Park also contains spas specializing in both day visits and customized treatments. The large grounds at Kennzur Spa are divided into gardens, therapeutic rooms, and decorative pools. The journey to get in touch with your inner self begins immediately thanks to the relaxing music that welcomes you, allowing you to eliminate the sounds and sensations of the city. The wonderful offerings of teas and infusions courtesy of the German brand Tee Gschwedner will open your senses and prepare you for a different type of relaxation session. At Kennzur Spa, Mastercard® cardholders get a 15% discount on massages, and exclusive access to the solarium, which has outstanding views of Ibirapuera Park. After your massage, enjoy your own Priceless São Paulo moment with a glass of sparkling wine and a selection of fruit and chocolates. Who ever said cities were stressful?

Hilton São Paulo Morumbi

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