New Restaurants in Santiago: Azotea Matilde, Your Ticket to Heaven


Azotea Matilde is a newcomer on the dining scene, but don’t think for a minute that it’s anything like the other new restaurants in Santiago: Azotea is the very first “rest-roof” in the Chilean capital. Situated six stories up, it looks down upon Bellavista, one of the liveliest neighborhoods in this booming metropolis of more than five million inhabitants.

To find this new restaurant, you’ll have to enter from Chucre Manzur Street, which just happens to be a stone’s throw from La Chascona, the former house of Chilean poet and Nobel Laureate, Pablo Neruda. Don’t forget to call ahead and reserve a table, otherwise you may be in for a long wait. Azotea Matilde is one of the new restaurants in Santiago that has become wildly popular, and it’s easy to see why since it delivers exactly what it promises: a beautiful view.

Once you’ve found your way to the building, take the elevator up to the sixth floor and make your way into Azotea Matilde. As you climb towards the heavens you’ll also be one step closer to a singular experience in one of Santiago’s most exclusive and newest restaurants, where simple decorative details give way to a spectacular view of the city.

As night falls, the panoramic view only becomes more fantastic, perhaps most of all in that postcard moment when the setting sun is reflected across the immense Andes mountain range. At night, the city becomes a brilliant display of lights, a fitting tribute to the vibrant and entertaining city below.

Looking southwest from atop the open-air terrace, you can make out Neruda’s house as well as San Cristóbal Hill, with its iconic zoo and cable car, along with parts of the Bellavista neighborhood and the Providencia area.

While a light breeze will lighten the summer’s punishing heat, patio heaters in the winter months make the space warm and cozy. And if you’re still cold, you only have to ask, and staff will provide you with a blanket to keep you warm, no matter the season.

And while you’re enjoying the view from the terrace at Azotea Matilde, you’ll also want to sample some of the menu offerings that have been so well received by restaurant goers. Here you’ll find salmon, sorrentinos (large raviolis), ravioli, ceviche, octopus, different cuts of meat, fish, pansotis (a filled pasta dish), and risotto, all cooked to perfection. The sorrentinos with salmon filling are quite popular, as are almost all dishes that feature the flavorful, fresh salmon.

But that’s not all, if you’re looking for a romantic night out at Azotea Matilde, try the passion fruit and raspberry mint mojitos because they’re unbeatable. It’s the perfect nightcap before a night stroll through Bellavista.

Restaurante Azotea Matilde

118 Antonia López de Bello Recoleta Región Metropolitana

(2) 2503 4246.

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