Luxury Restaurants in Santiago: Culinary Innovation and Deliciousness


Located on one of the Chilean capital’s most elegant strips, the Isidora 3000 shopping complex stands proud. With its base in the Las Condes commune, the building unites every imaginable commercial establishment to satisfy all your shopping needs, all under one roof. Here you can buy a new car, pick up some flowers, treat yourself to some new jewelry, and spend the night in a luxury hotel.

From the moment you arrive, it will be clear that music, fashion, and design are the cornerstones of Isidora 3000. Inside, in the Hotel W, there are three luxury restaurants to meet the needs of the most discerning gourmand: Noso, Osaka, and Terraza.

From the street level, the elevator will take you directly to the fourth floor and to the hotel lobby, where, depending on the hour, you’ll be greeted with a different welcoming mat: “good morning,” “good afternoon,” or “good evening.” And when you step inside, you feel as if you’ve entered another world. Picture: spacious rooms, high ceilings, works of art, armchairs, tables, and relaxing music. On the floor, you’ll find a variety of materials, from wood, to carpeting to stone, while the walls are brightly painted with vibrant colors and decorated with curtains, glass screens, and exposed brick.

The great thing about the luxury restaurants at the Hotel W is that they utilize Chilean products to create a world-class dining experience. At Noso, Chef Jean Paul Bondeaux designs a menu based on French dishes that have been adapted to make use of Chilean ingredients. You won’t eat a crepe with the staple Nutella, as you would in Paris. Instead, crepes are served with dulce de leche (a Chilean delicacy) that gives it a uniquely sweet, uniquely local flavor.

If at Noso, the modern flavors of French cuisine are the order of the day (don’t miss out on their daily lunch menu!), at Terraza you can enjoy bistro-style dining with a touch of Mediterranean flavor added to every hamburger, pizza, pasta, or fish dish. This is the ideal spot to enjoy a nice meal in a fun, informal environment.

Osaka invites you to sample their unique blend of Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine, an exotic combination that’s often referred to as Nikkei, and that offers a different angle on the high-end dining scene in Santiago. Prepare your appetite for a wide variety of sushi, not to mention the house specialty: ceviche strips. It’s highly recommended that you make a reservation if you plan on visiting, as the fusion restaurant has become a hotspot.

Heading towards the Hotel W exit, you’ll reach the street and find there, on the first floor, yet another fine dining option: Coquinaria. You can buy diverse ingredients and cooking tools at their in-store market and observe how the pasta dishes are prepared. At Coquinaria, you’re just as welcome to have a leisurely lunch as an intimate dinner. And while the shellfish are the main attraction, the unique flavor of the octopus served in a spicy honey sauce will not disappoint.

If, however, you love nothing more than a fine piece of grilled meat, you’ll have to find the time to visit Ox Steaks & Brasserie, an entertaining restaurant with a menu heavy on meat and shellfish. Here, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy the Santiago night in high style: a fun setting, a good seat, a good glass of wine, and the best cuts of meat in the city. Your only challenge will be to resist ordering every dish off the whole menu. There are several top starters including crunchy egg rolls, steak tartare with beef carpaccio, and foie gras. There’s also plenty to choose from when it comes to the main courses, but true carnivores should skip straight to the premium steaks. There are seven different options to choose from, besides the regular cuts and Wagyu steaks. Just remember to leave room for dessert!

As is now clear, there’s no shortage of fine dining options in Santiago. So, why not take your appetite on a culinary tour of the city?

  • Coquinaria

    Avenida Isidora Goyenechea 3000, Local S101, Las Condes

    56 2 2206 5018

  • Ox Steaks & Brasserie

    Nueva Costanera 3960, Vitacura, RM, Chile


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