Silver Jewelry in Lima: Art and Elegance as Standard


If you want to find exclusive silver jewelry while in Lima, then look no further than Ilaria. This store has possibly the largest and most varied collection of silver jewelry in the Peruvian capital, and you are guaranteed to discover new and exciting pieces to take home.

This is a place designed for you to relax and fully immerse yourself in the wonderful jewelry on display, so take your time and stroll slowly past all the glass cabinets. Not only does this give you a better idea of the collections on display, but it also gives you the opportunity to appreciate the extraordinary standard of work produced by Peru’s leading silversmiths. Although the jewelry is predominantly made from silver, many pieces use a range of metals in order to achieve different colors and textures. A common alternative to silver is the spondylus shell, a mollusk considered sacred by pre-Columbian cultures. It goes very well with dark clothing thanks to its intense orange color, reminiscent of the summer sunsets on beaches in the north of the country. The turquoise shades of Amazon stone and the sea-blue tones of sodalite are also popular and help achieve a more informal look. You will also be amazed by the silver filigree pieces, which, thanks to this intricate technique, look as if they’ve been woven from fine silver threads, even though they are made of metal.

Before you choose your piece, you’ll need to make sure that you have a clear idea of the look and style you want to go for. If you want to create an exotic look, then be sure to explore the Vichy collection, which includes earrings and necklaces based on the sacred Incan image of the snake. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something more romantic, try the Bella collection. And if you prefer to use your time in Lima to explore a style that draws on ancient Peruvian cultures, take a look at the selection of earrings and necklaces inspired by the traditional techniques of Amazon craftsmen and women.

Admiring these pieces in a glass cabinet is one thing, but seeing how they sparkle against your skin is another. Once again, take your time as you look in the mirror and fully enjoy the experience of trying on different combinations and styles. You’ll be surprised just how much difference a few accessories can make to your look, and they will also serve as a lasting memory of your time in one of the most exciting capitals in South America.

Finally, don’t forget to pass your discerning eye over the men’s collection, as well as the wooden and silver products that represent well-known characters from Peruvian culture. The seriousness and sincerity of this store is demonstrated by the fact that all of their pieces come with a lifetime warranty and, if you are ever back in town, they will happily clean your jewelry for you as part of the complete Ilaria experience. Few stores in Lima can boast this level of service and dedication.


1345 Avenida Jose Larco Miraflores 15074


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