The Best Silver Shops in Mexico City


Mexico is a special place when it comes to shopping for fine jewelry. Gold and silver are integral to the country’s history and there are even whole communities, such as Taxco in the state of Guerrero, where the entire economy revolves around the manufacturing of silver jewelry. But it is not necessary to travel deep into the heart of the country to experience this heritage. Here some options for finding the best silver shops in Mexico City

With a selection of over 75 designers—the majority of them Mexican—ISMOS is an excellent option if you want to discover a variety of styles, tendencies, and materials. Situated in the heart of Condesa, ISMOS Contemporary Mexican Jewelry is a collective that is constantly updating its display cabinets with the exclusive work of Mexican designers. Silver with wood, semiprecious stones, acrylic, textiles, and metals such as bronze, brass, and copper are just some of the combinations that you will see beautifully displayed on earrings, necklaces, pendants, and accessories like bags and belts. It is also important to mention that these are unique, limited edition pieces, therefore what you see on the website is only a small part of the full collection. It’s always better to visit the gallery in person, as there are always new creations and surprises on display that do not appear on the website.

Another one of the best silver shops in Mexico City is Jacobo Toledo, a company run by two emerging designers and entrepreneurs, barely over the age of 24, who are already making waves in the silver jewelry market. Jacobo Toledo was devised just three years ago with these two young designers seeing in silver jewelry a business opportunity and also a vehicle to express their bold creativity. The most interesting feature of their artistic concept is that all of their pieces are unisex.

“Contemporary androgynous jewelry,” is how Raian Jacobo, one of the brand’s designers, describes their product. “We are looking to open up a range of possibilities for people when it comes to wearing jewelry. Nowadays, the majority of jewelry is exclusively for women, but what we want to do is create is aesthetically neutral designs and make jewelry that can be worn by men and women.”

The concept of androgynous jewelry is an excellent option for those who want to be innovative and daring when it comes to choosing a personal style. With fewer than two years existence, this contemporary design company has already won prizes at the Silver Design Biennial, organized by the Franz Mayer Museum, and the National Design Biennial, awarded by the National Institute of Fine Arts.

To visit the Jacobo Toledo showroom in the city’s old town you will need to make a reservation via their website.

Jacobo Toledo

47 Fernando Montes de Oca Ciudad de México D.F. 06140

+52 (55) 55 1234 92

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