Mexican Art Deco: Straight from the Artisan’s Hands to Your Home


Mexican Art Deco unites the country’s noble artistic traditions with the most elegant elements of modernity. You too can take home a bit of that unique fusion to give your house that extra touch of color and flare. There are two shops in Mexico City where you’ll find just the right pieces.

The Reforma branch of Fonart invites you to step inside and take a look at what lies beyond the glass windows. The atmosphere here is serene, allowing you to find the special item you’ve been looking for—a tea set with motifs of local flora, an exquisite handmade ceramic vase, or perhaps a wooden jewelry box to store your valuables. No matter what you decide, whatever you buy will catch your next visitor’s eye when they arrive at your house.

Fonart is simultaneously a successful state project for the advancement of national artisans and a fascinating space in which you can indulge your senses. While you’re greeted by the scent of lacquer and the last finishing coat is being applied to each sculpture, your hands will be engaged caressing the carefully crafted shapes and surfaces of each piece. Your visit, of course, is a tribute to the arduous labor that these proud craftsmen have dedicated to Mexican artisanry.

Everything you find at El Bazaar Sábado is a reflection of Mexico’s rich Aztecan cultural heritage, incorporating a unique range of materials from traditional clays to metals. Special mention, however, goes to their unique line of jewelry. Browse through the diverse sections of the bazaar and fall in love with items such as a charming “good luck bird,” a bouquet of flowers bursting with color, and the most diverse array of artisanal goods.

The national Art Deco style is also well represented—ceramic vases with touches of aluminum and figurines made of iron are just some of the pieces that are ideal for adorning your kitchen or living room. These eye-catching souvenirs are testimony to a timeless pursuit of artistic expression and will fit right in at your house. And, as if that wasn’t enough, you can finish off the evening with dinner at the in-house restaurant, where you’re invited to sit at an iron table and sample the kitchen’s signature dishes. As a finishing touch, enjoy the traditional music performed live for your listening entertainment.

Without a doubt, learning to appreciate and acquire Mexican Art Deco is a gratifying, not to mention fun, way to spend your time in Mexico City.


Avenida Chapultepec Ciudad de México D.F.


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