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The Casa Buenos Aires, run by the Nieto Senetiner winery, is a large house situated in Recoleta. As you enter, you are immediately aware that this is not your ordinary venue, thanks to the grandeur of the architecture, decor, stained glass windows, layout, and the exquisite manner in which you are welcomed. Everything here makes you feel as if you are in a special place where you are about to savor the best wines.

However, the experience is much more comprehensive—and exclusive (you will need to book 24 hours in advance)—than just that. If this is your first time, then do not worry because there is a full plan so you can enjoy an unforgettable introduction. At first, you may find it challenging to understand all of the sommelier’s advice, especially when you are told to: “Feel what the wine communicates as it makes contact with your mouth.” But don’t worry. It doesn’t take long to relax and allow your wine expert to guide you.

The house is an old mansion that has been completely refurbished and what you notice as you enter are the high ceilings, the gleaming wooden floors, and the large windows that provide a wonderful view of the garden. There are a number of choices, so you may need to spend some time thinking about what you’re looking for. The offerings range from the ABC of Wine (a 90 minute class) to the Gourmet Chocolate and Wine Pleasures, which includes the chance to enjoy five types of chocolate, various wines, and chocolate fondue. You can also taste a variety of cheeses, tapas, and pastries, but make sure you don’t forget to try some of the best wines.

Following the advice of experts will provide the most sensory experience possible. As you sit comfortably enjoying the silence and the dim lighting, you will hear words said, like density and body. You are shown how to observe color, to tip the glass to an angle of 45 degrees, to describe the flavors in detail, and to observe the tastes in different parts of your mouth. As the name suggests, the ABC of Wine allows you to try a bit of everything, and with each glass the atmosphere becomes more relaxed. Therefore, if this is your first time at a formal wine tasting, do not get put off by complex terms or long silences. Just allow yourself to be carried away by the flavors, nuances, and aromas of each wine. Look out for the impressive Bonarda Malbec, a classic variety and a favorite among Argentinians. Overall, this is an unforgettable experience and the setting, combined with the best wines, means it is one not to be missed.

Nieto Senetiner

192 Avenida Presidente Manuel Quintana Buenos Aires CABA C1014


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