Hotel Estelar La Fontana: An Oasis in the Heart of the Metropolis


Tranquility and sophistication are rarities in our daily lives. So, who would have thought that a hotel in the heart of Bogota could provide both these things?

Hotel Estelar La Fontana is an oasis in the heart of the Colombian capital that stands like an imposing fortress. Its 14 brick walls protect such treasures as an impressive clock tower, halls adorned with candelabras, restaurants, open-air cafés, and perhaps most importantly, silence. This is a classical space that boasts a European-style plaza and a fountain that delights guests throughout the entire day. The plaza is surrounded by columns, bunting, and vines while the elegant balconies are adorned with plants. As you walk through the plaza and head toward your room, you will need to enter a tower, giving you further opportunity to appreciate all the small details concealed within the hotel’s 14 walls. However, there is no expectation that you will be spending much time in your room while Los Arcos, Café Colombia, and Bar Glasgow, the impressive hotel restaurants, are waiting to welcome you!

In Los Arcos, you will find a wide-ranging menu in a venue that boasts such classical details as a traditional bar and, as the name suggests, spectacular arches. There are both hot and cold starters on the menu, which include the famous Peruvian dishes fish ceviche and encocado de camarones (shrimp in a spicy coconut sauce), broad bean cappuccino with king prawns, and delicious soups made using papa criolla potatoes, which are native to the Andes. Main courses include Bombay king prawns, sirloin with truffle oil, and duck margret with peaches. The extensive menu at Los Arcos offers everything from traditional dishes to fusion food, making it a place to visit time and time again.

Café Colombia is a small, inviting space with a large golden coffee machine, soothing background music, exclusive art on display, and a traditional bar. The café is the perfect place to enjoy a freshly-squeezed fruit juice or an expertly made cappuccino and kick back in an armchair with a good book. Popular with families, couples, and executives, its guests all come for the same thing: to experience peace and well-being in the heart of the city. If you prefer to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, then you are more than welcome to grab a seat at one of the outside tables.

Bar Glasgow is the perfect mix of comfort and sophistication. As you approach, you will see warm lighting, a traditional wood bar, and large leather seats beckoning you inside. Whether you order a snack and a beer or something more sophisticated, such as a single malt whiskey or a fine wine, Bar Glasgow is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing drink.

Afterwards, you can move on to the terrace where you can admire the mountains surrounded by soft lighting. From the comfort of your seat, you can people-watch and enjoy the bustle of the hotel as staff and guests go about their business. La Fontana is a citadel that few have the honor of breaching and the ambiance at night is nothing short of spectacular. A surprise awaits you at every turn, and every unexplored corner, attracts your attention. Whether it’s the cafés, hallways, or armchairs nestled among the enormous vines, there’s always an incredible spot to discover with your special someone.

After a soothing coffee or a refreshing glass of wine at the bar, you can then discover one of the hotel’s greatest experiences: strawberries, a bottle of wine, and a massage. This is the perfect touch to a romantic evening, and you will only find it at Hotel Estelar La Fontana.

Hotel Estelar La Fontana

1510 Calle 127 Bogotá Bogotá 110121

+57 1 6088080

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