In Search of Adventure: Outdoor Activities on the Outskirts of Bogota


If you are looking for outdoor activities close to Bogota, then there are two main options. You can jump into the void, stretch out your arms, and bask in the glorious view, or, if you’d prefer to keep both feet firmly on the ground, grab your paintball gun, devise your strategy, and fight your friends to the end. Paragliding and paintball are two of the best options when it comes to having fun less than an hour outside the city, and both of these thrilling activities are available in one place: Parapente Paraíso.

Your stomach starts to perform somersaults. Waiting for the perfect moment to leap into the unknown can be agonizing. When your moment comes, and you thrust yourself into the wide-open void, you may start to ask yourself just how you got into this. But at this point, you have already passed the point of no return. Just let the sheer emotion of the experience overcome your fear, open your eyes, and enjoy the view! Don’t worry: Soon you will feel a sense of calm, aided by the fact that you are flying with experts who not only provide high levels of safety, but also have a reputation for their friendliness and sense of humor. Needless to say, these are two very important qualities given that you will be spending the best 15 minutes of your life alongside them as you admire the pristine landscape below.

Parapente Paraíso is in an absolute gem of a location. In addition to flying, they also offer you a unique place to try your hand at paintball, one of the most entertaining and extreme outdoor activities that you can enjoy with friends or family. Whereas soaring high above the savanna quickly induces a feeling of serenity, back on earth, the battles are made of pure adrenaline. Coming up with the winning strategy is challenging, but this only makes your triumph even sweeter. And because this is mountain paintball, there are lots of trees and natural obstacles to hide behind. Grab your weapon, but keep your eyes peeled because: It’s a jungle out there.

Bogota offers you numerous opportunities to escape the noise of the city and enjoy an exciting day in a natural setting. Finish your day in the Parapente Paraíso restaurant, where they serve everything from light snacks to main meals. Enjoy all of these activities and receive even more benefits so, whether your day out in the great outdoors is one of adrenaline-fueled combat or tranquil flight, you are guaranteed to come home with some lasting memories.

Parapente Paraíso

Vía Pionono Cundinamarca


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