Cool de Sac: Fun Kid Activities and Great Food


Cool de Sac was born after its creator had twins and quickly found that there was simply no place that combined the perfect mix of good food and kid activities for his family. Of course, there was plenty of fast food restaurants, as well as the kind of establishments not as suitable for children. So he decided to combine sophisticated dining with fun, active, and educational (and fun) children’s activities. The result: Cool de Sac, a restaurant with the perfect synthesis of fine dining and entertainment for kids and adults.

A visit to Cool de Sac is a remarkable experience starting at check-in, which recalls the entrance to an amusement park, down to the design of the space itself, allowing the parents to keep a watchful eye on their kids while never leaving their seats. Nor will your food-obsessed family be disappointed by the menu. You can’t go wrong with starters like Peruvian ceviche, salmon tartare, or Mexican-style tomato soup, and main dishes like a New York steak, Thai chicken, or something more traditional, like the classic Colombian soup, ajiaco (made with chicken, potatoes, and herbs). And all of this can be perfectly accompanied by Montgras or Doña Paula wine, should the mood take you. A visit to Cool de Sac ensures you’ll be enjoying one of Bogotá’s best restaurants, with a unique twist: plastic blocks, costumes, video games, a ball pit, and plenty of other kid activities. There is also a Cool Kids menu that offers kid-friendly dishes such as chicken nuggets, pasta bolognese, fish fingers, and the child-size ajiaco.

Cool de Sac clearly won’t disappoint in your quest for good food, but kids and adults alike will also have plenty to do once they finish their meals. You’ll see different sections surrounding the dining area—labeled Babies, Arts and Backstage, Blocks, Cool Games, and Cool Wall—along with the toy shop and the sweet shop, and some additional space for special events on the second floor. Babies, as the name implies, is the section for the littlest ones where everything comes cushioned. Arts and Backstage is the name for the space where kids can explore their artistic side with painting, costumes, and music.

Virtually all the kids run around the space with animal face paint. Princesses with tiger face paint and pirates with bear snouts are a common sight. The Cool Games section comes stocked with all the most recent video games and is a kid’s favorite. And to finish off the visit is Cool Wall, a cushioned wall five or six meters high that’s just for climbing. Children of all ages face-off to see who can scale the wall fastest. The great advantage is that each zone is in plain sight of the tables, so adults can rest easy and enjoy themselves.

But Cool de Sac is not just for kids, during the day the restaurant stays open and the space becomes available for educational visits, special events, parties, and business workshops. It’s always a sight to see executives and business employees making use of the space. And during vacation days, when the kids aren’t busy at school, Cool de Sac offers Cool Camps: daily activities where kids learn about cooking, music, theater, technology, and much, much more.

Cool de Sac

13833 Avenida Carrera 7 Bogotá Bogotá 110121

+57 300 3195054

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