Fun in Stockholm for Adults and Children


Do you like to play? Do you want to go out and find some fun in Stockholm for adults and children? The amusement metropolis Tolv Stockholm, next to the Tele2 Arena (Metro: Globen), offers endless opportunities to roll up your sleeves and bring out your previously dormant sense of competition.

On one of the walls at the entrance of Tolv, you are greeted by the words: “12,000 m2 of food and fun. Challenge your taste buds and other senses.” And yes, if you like challenges, you’ve certainly come to the right place. This venue is definitely a place for fun in Stockholm for adults and children, where you’ll find everything under one roof including table tennis, bowling with a shark theme, and shuffleboard, which is an exciting cross between curling and Pétanque.

The intriguing mini golf at O´Learys, is a 12-hole course that takes you around tiny versions of Stockholm’s most recognizable landmarks, including the Globen arena, the Royal Palace, Kaknästornet TV tower, Sergels Torg, and the HMS af Chapman. You’re fascinated by the details, including Stockholm City Hall’s beautiful illuminated glass windows and the rippling fountains at the Royal Palace. In addition to improving your golf swing, you also get an excellent history lesson, as all the holes on the course have information about that building’s creation. On your way around the course, you learn that af Chapman was built in 1888 in Whitehaven, England as a shipping vessel; that it took 15 years to complete construction of City Hall; and that the name of Kaknästornet TV tower comes from Kaknäs, one of four royal estates at Ladugårdsgärdet in Stockholm.

Once you’ve completed your game and improved both your swing and your mind, you might start to feel peckish. Don’t worry—the restaurants in the area are bound to tempt you with their delicious scents. After some deliberation, you try a Kökets korvbricka (Chef’s Special Hot Dog) from Printz sausage makers. Once your belly is silenced, you’re be ready to continue your fun and games in Stockholm. The night is young and you’re more than ready to belt out some pop hits at the karaoke bar.

Tolv Stockholm

Tolvstigen Huddinge Stockholms län 141 39

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