A Sunny Restaurant in the Park


Södermalm has got a new favorite haunt: a restaurant in the park. Bleck is a new bistro in Stockholm and also the first step in the transformation of the unassuming park, Lilla Blecktornsparken. And it’s the ideal spot when your brain and body need a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy shopping streets. Sit on one of the huge oak tree stumps in the outdoor area with a chilled glass of rosé. Lift your face to the sunshine that streams through the trees. Listen to the birdsong mixed with the distant hum of traffic.

Below the sunny terrace you can see mini-golf duels being fought, and further away there are sunbathers dotted around on the grass. If you have kids, Bleck is the perfect place to enjoy some food in peace while fidgety little legs tire themselves out running around the park.

Local, organic produce is standard at this restaurant. Nibble on some sweet potato crisps with chive aioli while you wait for your main course to arrive. The menu consists of seven seasonal classic dishes with a Swedish vibe, and all meals are available as a half-sized portion too. Are you craving steak tartare, fish ceviche, or maybe spring vegetables with hollandaise sauce? Desserts include ginger apple with double raspberry and other delights.

The small bistro is housed in a gray, 1970s building that has undergone a facelift with the help of details in oak, copper, and large windows. In winter, you can find a cozy seat inside, but the bistro really comes into its own in summer. The outdoor area has 80 seats and is in full sunshine all day. Here, you’ll find an eclectic mix of families, artists, filmmakers, musicians, and older couples. The need for a new bistro in Stockholm seems to have been keenly felt.

Lilla Blecktornsparken has long maintained a quiet presence on the corner of Ringvägen and Katarina Bangata. The park is now finally getting a well-needed facelift and serves as an active location for any age group. The paddling pool, football pitch, and tennis court have all been refurbished, with treehouses built in the shade of the trees.

When Kalle Schröder read about the plans for the park, the idea for Restaurang Bleck, the restaurant in the park, was born: “I’d long wanted to start up a summer place, but it had to be fun, too. This is the next part of Söder that’s improving its image; the area here is really nice. The park is fantastically beautiful, and the water is only a stone’s throw away.”

Kalle Schröder is no greenhorn to the restaurant industry. Almost 20 years ago he was involved in the start-up of the popular spot on Fredsgatan 12, the F12 Terrassen. A passion to smarten up Söder’s parks seems to be what drives him onward. A few years ago, he started up Kiosk Axel in Axel Landquists Park on Södermalm.

“It’s kind of ridiculous that everything’s crammed into Nytorget when there are so many other great places. Kiosk Axel attracted families with children and people of all ages. It used to be a park for drunkards, but after a while, real estate agents started describing properties as been located ‘near the popular Axel Landquists.'”


68 Katarina Bangata Stockholm Stockholms län 11642

+46 70 555 64 56

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