The Swimming Pool in Rome: Spas, Turkish Baths, and Health Centers


The ancient Romans called the swimming pool in Rome: “Salus per aquam” because they knew good health comes with water. And when you get to the eternal city, you will be able to experience the spa much as they did. Relaxation, beauty treatments, and tradition are all waiting for you in the spas of the capital. Escape from the chaos of the city by sinking into an oasis of peace just a few minutes’ walk from the center of the city. To help you make your choice, these are a few health centers that are sure to give you an incredible and unique experience!

QC Termeroma

You’ve just landed at Fiumicino Airport, and you really need to relax, right? Five minutes from the airport you find yourself at the QC Termeroma spa, a place that invites you to take a dip in history. Taking inspiration from the Caracalla baths, this spa blends the Roman experience with the Finnish and Japanese approach to well-being to offer you an essential spa experience. Surrounded by nature, there are gardens with pools playing music underwater, pools to stimulate the senses, showers to evoke your emotions, and a natural solarium. Don’t miss the saunas or the bio-saunas, and if it’s a massage you need, you’ll find one just for you. All in all, there’s no excuse not to take off your robe! (2178/a, Via Portuense, Fiumicino Tel. +39 066529444)

Hotel De Russie Spa

When it comes to massages, your body will no doubt appreciate the regenerating “Gentleman Day” men’s massage available at the Hotel De Russie Spa. Here, luxury is no exaggeration! You can opt for skin therapy, ranging from the most essential to the more complicated. You take a walk in the 18-century courtyard to relax, before finishing the day with dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, under the amazing direction of its two-starred Michelin chef. (9, Via del Babuino, Spagna Tel. +39 0632888820)

Acqua Madre

Acqua Madre is a minimalist center, in the heart of the Jewish quarter. The spa is famous for its Turkish baths with steam treatments originally dating back to 200 BC, and its reputation has grown steadily over the years. It all starts in the steam room with exfoliation and relaxation treatments using soaps made from olive oil and other essential oils. The benefits of Turkish baths, especially for the circulation and for the immune system, are well-known. You will also be offered scrubs and face masks and a range of different types of massage, including Ayurvedic massage and shiatsu. Wednesdays and Fridays are spa days just for women. (17, Via di S.Ambrogio, Ghetto Tel. +39 066864272)

QC Termeroma

2178 Via Portuense Lazio 00054

+39 066529444

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