The Must-See Places in Rome: Tourism off the Beaten Track


Whether it’s your first visit or you’ve come several times before, there’s always something special about exploring the must-see places in Rome on your own. But that doesn’t mean having to make do with second best, especially as far as Rome’s world-famous attractions are concerned. It can be tiring to visit the Vatican or the Colosseum. You wait in a long queue, and then, unless you are well versed in archaeology, you risk not fully grasping the artistic and historic significance of what you see. And some of the best treasures in Rome are off the beaten track, and if time is at a premium, here are some tips to discover how to make the most of the city.

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Keyhole Tourism

It’s always an enjoyable feeling to stumble across a seemingly hidden gem, especially when you’re in a city that’s known the world over. In Rome, you don’t need to go far to have those wonderful experiences, but it does help to stray a little from the beaten track. If someone told you that you could have an incredible vista of the city just by looking through the keyhole of a door hidden somewhere in its streets, would you believe him? But in Rome this is possible, and the door in question is in Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, in the Aventino district. You won’t happen upon it by accident, and so you need to seek it out, but it’s worth it. It will only take you a few seconds to drink in the view, but you will be astonished. It is definitely an unexpected treat!

A Terraced Garden in the Heart of Rome

After a day’s wandering around, you need somewhere to relax, perhaps with a glass of something to sip. You want to enjoy a panoramic view of the capital, but without being surrounded by noisy crowds. Well don’t worry, you can! Above the Hotel de Russie you discover a bar right in the middle of 2,800 square meters of beautifully tended gardens, complete with palms and ancient Roman ruins, and with views of Villa Borghese in the distance. Once upon a time, here you might have come across Pablo Picasso or the French poet Jean Cocteau peeling an orange fresh from the tree. A word of advice for your visit: Don’t pick the oranges. But do ask the bartender to put a slice in your martini!

Hotel de Russie

9 Via del Babuino Roma Lazio 00187

+39 06 328881

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