Innovative Roman Cuisine: A Tradition Reimagined


If you are looking to try something different, there are plenty of restaurants to sample innovative Roman cuisine. Drawing inspiration from traditional Roman food, the renowned pasta sauces and wonderful meat dishes offer an experience that delights the senses. If you want to debate over who makes the best rigatoni cacio e pepe, carbonara, amatriciana, or gricia in town, come discover Rome’s most inventive cuisine for a meal (or two) that is truly priceless.

Old Roman Traditions

The Romans cling to their culinary traditions much as a good amatriciana sauce sticks to a forkful of bucatini. Innovative cuisine is often regarded with a hint of suspicion in Rome, but chefs whose innovations build on the old traditions have enjoyed some success. The few who have attempted this delicate balancing act have created dining experiences that have transformed local dishes and flavors.

Innovative Roman Chefs

In the restaurant that bears his name, Oliver Glowig serves eliche cacio e pepe with sea urchins, a creation that has become the German chef’s signature dish. It’s a bold marriage of Roman tradition and Mediterranean flavor that produces a rich, intense dish. Ristorante Oliver Glowig, 15 Via Ulisse Aldrovandi Tel. +39 (0)6 321 6126

Colombian chef Roy Caceres’ style of cooking used to be disdained as “all talk and no action.” But that was before he opened Metamorfosi. Several years and one Michelin star later, even his most vociferous critics have had to eat their words. His dishes might have little in common with traditional Roman fare, but they certainly pay it homage. Carbonara is no longer a simple pasta dish, but once dried and then fried…well, it’s just something you have to try. Metamorfosi, 30/32 Via Giovanni Antonelli Tel. +39 (0)6 807 6839

You can sample American chef Cristina Bowerman’s expertise at Romeo Chef & Baker in Prati, where she works with bread, cheeses, and salamis produced at the famous Roscioli restaurant. She serves up dishes like oxtail with celery coulis and chocolate crumble, a piece of culinary wizardry that will win you over from the first mouthful. Romeo, 26a Via Silla Tel. +39 (0)6 321 101 20

And, to end on a high note, try something a little out of the ordinary. Ever heard of cocktails alla carbonara? Well try Carbonara Sour, a sour vodka flavored with bacon, egg white, black pepper, and lemon. It was invented by Massimo D’Addezio, manager of Co.So. (Cocktail e Social) and ex-barman of the Stravinskij in the Hotel De Russie, in Via del Babuino. What better calling card do you need? Cocktail & Social, 80 Via Braccio da Montone Tel. +39 (0)6 454 354 28

Ristorante Oliver Glowig

15 Via Aldrovandi Ulisse Roma Lazio 00197

+39 06 321 6126

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