Food Trucks: Gourmet Delicacies on Wheels


Street food has been fashionable in Paris for some time now and you will find food trucks abound throughout the city. Are you in the mood for burgers, Argentine or Cantonese dishes, southern-style cuisine, or even mozzarella? You only have to ask. Variety and originality are on order at each of the food trucks, with each giving a bold rethink to food preparation. Don’t believe for a moment that the trucks serve poor quality food. It’s quite the opposite. Check out these three choices for further proof.

Le Camion qui Fume

Californian Kristin Frederick heads the Le Camion qui Fume, the first food truck to travel around the streets of Paris. Although she was not successful in bringing us sunshine all year round, she decided instead to make burgers for both gourmets and gourmands. It was a risky gamble that has paid off. One treat is the barbecue burger with a delicious flavor of onions and bacon, which will wake up your taste buds without overpowering the other flavors. Between mouthfuls, you can snack on fries (maison, of course). The food truck offers a total of seven types of burgers, from the classic to the original, and there’s even a vegetarian option. If you’ve still got room, you should definitely try the cheesecake for an all-American culinary experience. Beware, however, that Le Camion qui Fume has made a name for itself, and you will need to be patient or turn up quite early to sample its deluxe burgers.

La Brigade

This food truck was the brainchild of Édouard and Tristan, who share a passion for cooking. They decided to focus on meat, meat, and meat again. From the menu of La Brigade you can choose between beef back steak, magret de canard, or breaded chicken fillet. For larger appetites, you can combine two types, or order a larger portion. The food is top quality and, of course, cooked to order. What makes this truck special is that the meat is served finely sliced, which is handy when there aren’t any plates or cutlery in sight. If you’re looking for more, there are plenty of side dishes available, including the chef’s fries (which are delicious), a salad and a sauce, and a tempting shallot confit, which should be enough to make any carnivore roar with pleasure.

Cantine California

There are no prizes for guessing that the Cantine California food truck serves Californian cuisine made here in France. The fare is organic and easy on the eyes, as well as on the palate. Try the 100 percent house-made and original burgers and tacos. Hearing that the produce is local and chosen carefully makes you eager to try them out, and they are, rightly, very tasty. The buns have the enticing aroma of fresh bread and the burgers are generous in size. Try the Cali Classic Burger—it’s simple yet effective. The meat is tender and succulent and is a real treat with the house fries. You’ll go crazy over the Carnitas Tacos. The shoulder of pork is simmered for seven hours in preparation. If you’re still hungry, follow up your meal with a serious sugar rush from the cupcakes. To sum up, Cantine California knows how to serve tasty food.

These trucks are often in different locations, so check their websites to find out where they may be parked on a given day.

Le Camion qui Fume

8 Rue des Capucines Paris IDF 75002

+33 1 84 16 33 75

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