Napping in Munich: The Best Places to Unwind and Dream


Whenever the weather allows, given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer to be in a sunny spot in an Alpine meadow where you can lie on the grass and leave all your cares behind? Unfortunately, this opportunity rarely presents itself in day-to-day life, but luckily there are now a number of urban alternatives for comfy napping in Munich. Where else could you find, say, the perfect sunbathing lawn in the very heart of the city? The Marienhof hotel has blossomed into one of Munich’s most popular recreation areas following improvement work to its gardens. Spread over 6,600 square meters, the park lends itself perfectly to lazing around, reading, people-watching, or simply dozing on the grass under the sun.

An Endless Choice of Grassy Sunbathing Spots: Ostpark (East Park), Michaelibad

Several peaceful spaces and sunbathing spots are to be found outside Munich’s city center, far from the crowds that often congregate in the English Garden. East Park is a perfect example. A stone’s throw from Michaelibad metro station, the park’s serene ambiance, tranquil pond area, and carefully cultivated lawn make it a mecca for those seeking some peace and quiet. Incidentally, the park is also home to one the most beautiful beer gardens in Munich. Michaeligarten has a sunny terrace that overlooks the lake and is never overcrowded, making it a fail-safe choice if you’re looking for somewhere to unwind.

An Oasis With a Hint of the Alpine Foothills: Westpark (West Park)

On the other side of the city is West Park, East Park’s counterpart, which was created in 1983 for the International Garden Expo. Landscapes defined by artificial hills and valleys, two large lakes, and a waterfall evoke the scenery of the Alpine foothills and form a small oasis of tranquility where you can almost forget that you are in a city of a million people. There’s a wide range of sunbathing spots to choose from, and, thanks to the park’s secluded location, the noises from street traffic are almost completely eliminated. The area is particularly beautiful in spring when the park’s rose garden sees around 20,000 roses bloom.

A Peaceful Area With a Vista: Luitpoldpark in the North of Munich

Luitpoldpark, situated in the Schwabing-West quarter, is a hidden gem. Directly adjacent to the Scheidplatz metro and tram station, the park is one of the most easily accessible recreation areas in Munich, and yet, even on warm summer days, it’s a haven of tranquility. Particularly striking is the 37-meter-high Luitpold hill in the northern part of the park, which was created from the rubble of the city in the wake of the Second World War. You can easily explore the knoll on foot or by bike, and at its peak, you will find two viewpoints with benches and stretches of grass that are perfect for sunbathing. One looks out to the east over Schwabing, while the other provides a captivating, picture-postcard view of Munich’s city skyline. On a clear day, you can make out the Alps rising in the distance, creating a stunning backdrop to the city. So, forget that Alpine meadow—there are more than enough peaceful spaces for napping in Munich!


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