Bavaria Filmstadt Munich: So Much to Discover and Explore


Bavaria Filmstadt Munich is popular and well-known among both tourists and locals. But did you know about the Filming Classroom? Did you know that you can book a behind-the-scenes children’s birthday party?

Filmstadt Guided Tour

On the guided tour of Bavaria Filmstadt Munich, visitors get to see what goes on behind the camera and find out how a scene from a movie is shot. For example, when the movie Das Boot was made, a storm was simulated by projecting huge quantities of water from a tank onto the conning tower of the mocked-up U-boat. The water hit so hard that actor Jan Fedder lost his footing and fell, careening overboard and breaking a few ribs in the process. While the scene was being filmed, director Wolfgang Peterson didn’t realize at first that Fedder had been seriously injured, but he was so delighted by how realistic the scene looked that he kept it in the movie. Unfortunately, because of the tight shooting schedule, Jan Fedder didn’t get a chance to stay in hospital long enough for his ribs to heal properly. Every day he was driven from hospital to the set to carry on filming, so when you see shots of him wincing with pain, he is not acting!

The Filming Classroom

Calling all budding actors and directors: Here’s your chance to get the big break you’ve been waiting for. School and youth groups can come here to shoot any kind of movie they like, whether it’s a romantic comedy or action movie, and you can even writing your own screenplay. And if your friends don’t believe that you’ve starred in a real movie, all you have to do is sit them down to watch the DVD you take home once filming has finished!

The Coolest Cchildren’s Birthday Party Ever

How about this for an unforgettable birthday treat? What if you could celebrate your big day by becoming a movie star, along with up to 19 of your best friends? With the help of the professionals at Bavaria Filmstadt, your movie is shot, edited, and is taken through post-production through the magical process of filmmaking. The birthday boy or girl can then watch his or her debut as a movie star at an exclusive premiere.

Storm of Love Fan Tours

Germany’s favorite soap opera celebrated its 10th birthday, and fans were invited to the party. From July to October, visitors could join a special guided tour of the locations where the soap opera is filmed and meet mystery guests who gave them the inside story on what really goes on in Storm of Love.

How Do They Do That?

Film buffs who have always wondered “how do they do that?” will love the new Stunts & Special Effects guided tour of the special effects studio, introduced in summer 2015. This tour lifts the lid on how visual effects are used to stage fights (where no one gets hurt!), by combining real footage with CGI.

With a bit of advanced planning, your trip to Bavaria Filmstadt in Munich is sure to be an incredible experience!

Bavaria Filmstadt Munich

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