Let the Museo del Romanticismo Take You Back in Time


Would you like to learn more about Spain during the artistic and cultural revolution of the early 19th century? Well, now it’s possible thanks to Madrid’s Museo del Romanticismo. Let its paintings, drawings, furniture, and photographs transport you back to the Romantic era where you can view the movement through the eyes of its principal artists and public figures. These names, synonymous with the movement in Spain, are waiting to give you a unique insight into one of the country’s most important cultural expressions.

Delve further into the customs of the 19th century and into the minds of important figures from the era, such as Duque de Rivas and Isabel II, and observe the precise lines of paintings by Francisco de Goya, Ángel María Cortellino, and Federico Madrazo. After you experience firsthand the extent of these artists’ incredible intellects, talent, and dedication, you can then travel to exotic lands thanks to the works of other Spanish painters, such as Jenaro Pérez Villamil, José Elbo, Francisco Lameyer, and Cabral Bejarano.

Given that a picture is worth a thousand words, make sure to dedicate some time to wandering through the museum’s photographic collection, where you can learn about the era’s customs, class divisions, and types of dress. This also gives you the opportunity to discover more about the evolution of photography during this period.

Not only will you be struck by the vividness and energy of the colors on display, you will also get a glimpse into daily life in the big cities of the early 19th century through works by José María Avrial y Flores, Vicente Rodes, and the aforementioned Federico Madrazo.

The Museo del Romanticismo invites to you study the furniture that once belonged to Fernando VII and Isabel II. These pieces reflect their strong and imposing style of government, while clearly showing off their wealth and prestige, thanks to the lavish motifs and high-quality materials.

No matter how old you are, don’t miss the chance to get even closer to history on display by taking part in the many entertaining activities that the Museo del Romanticismo organizes every month, such as guided walks, audio tours, workshops, and concerts.

And after pouring over the large number of works in the collection, why not reflect on what you’ve seen by enjoying some well-earned refreshment? Head to El Café del Jardín where you can browse the extensive menu while discussing your favorite pieces with family or friends. The Museo del Romanticismo is a fantastic place to visit during your trip to Madrid as it gives you an insider’s view of the history, art, and culture of Spain during this passionate era.

Museo del Romanticismo

13 Calle San Mateo Madrid Comunidad de Madrid 28004

914 481 045

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