Cultural Activities with Kids in Madrid


Enjoying activities with kids while in Madrid is a great opportunity to introduce them to a world of art and culture, while helping them to develop important social skills. Exposing your little ones to visual and performing arts from a young age will not only stimulate their minds and aid their development, but also encourage them to cultivate their creative sides. There are plenty of activities to keep the kids engaged during your stay in Madrid, such as multimedia activities at the Matadero Arts Center, music and dance courtesy of Batucado, literature at Liberespacio, the Malakids festival, and multilingual picnics at Baby Deli.

The best place to begin your day of exciting activities with kids is at Plaza de Legazpi on the banks of the Manzanares. Just a stone’s throw from the Metro, you will find the Matadero Arts Center, which has programs designed especially for the very young—kids up to three years old. Watch as your kids become engrossed in the exhibition’s short films, animations, and music. Not only will they experience certain visual and auditory sensations for the first time, but they’ll be doing it in a setting that encourages tons of interactive learning.

Planning activities with kids in Madrid also gives you the opportunity to help them develop their intellects, motor skills, and personalities. At Batucado, you will find a range of exciting workshops designed with the sole aim of getting your little ones to flourish as individuals. Created for kids aged up to four years old, these music workshops will enable them to sense different notes, while giving free rein to their imagination and creativity. The comprehensive Batucado experience is the perfect way to introduce your children to the wonders of music during this important stage in their mental development.

Alternatively, you could help your children to develop a love for reading and literature by paying a visit to Liberespacio. Located on Joaquín María López, this bookstore has a wide range of activities in both English and Spanish for kids up to 11 years. Its fun and accessible storytelling and writing workshops are the ideal way to get them to turn their ideas into stories of their own.

Madrid’s many kids’ festivals are a great option and many of them offer excellent learning opportunities. Malakids is an urban festival designed to introduce young people to concerts and other cultural and artistic activities for the first time. Take a stroll through some of Malasaña’s most famous plazas and explore the vast array of art and music activities available.

After a morning of art and entertainment, you will certainly have earned some refreshments! Head over to Alcalá and join the fun at Baby Deli. Here, kids can choose from a menu created exclusively for them, while you take a well-deserved rest. Once they’ve eaten, the kids can make new friends at the different work and play groups, designed to help them develop their creativity while they also practice different languages, such as Spanish, English, French, and Mandarin.

Give your children the best possible start in life by introducing them to the visual and performing arts in a city that boasts statues of such illustrious artists as Cervantes, Velázquez, and Lorca. Enjoying these great activities with kids will allow you to accompany them as they take their first steps on the path to discovering their own personality and creative talents.

  • Librería Liberespacio

    Calle Joaquín María López, 25, 28015 Madrid, Spain

    34 915 44 78

  • Baby Deli

    Calle de Alcalá, 91, 28001 Madrid, Spain

    34 915 76 38 10

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