Wat Buddhapadipa: Find Inner Peace Together


In the midst of one of Europe’s largest capitals, a little space for reflection and quiet contemplation is hard to come by, which is why Wat Buddhapadipa is so special. With your partner by your side, you can unwind in the grassy meadows of the only Thai Buddhist temple in all of Europe, just minutes from central London. Only the very tips of the temple’s colorful gables can be seen through the lush tree cover outside, but pass through the stark white walls surrounding the complex on your next romantic outing together and the real beauty unfolds. An ornate red and gold roof accents a snow-white building that dominates the green leas of the temple grounds. In mere moments, you and your darling are transported from the noise and grit of the city into a spiritual idyll. Orange-robed monks shuffle across the ornate grounds doing their daily chores. Women stand on the staircase, their hands clasped in prayer, as smoke from thin sticks of incense takes their devotionals into the sky. Make your way into the shrine to offer a small token to the two Buddha statues – one black bronze and the other gold – in the form of a coin or flower, before taking a moment to meditate. Take note of the murals around the ceiling, hundreds of figures depicted in a glimpse of the Buddha’s life that would rival a Hieronymus Bosch painting. As you continue around the grounds, spying small colorful statues hidden in the brush, take a cross-legged seat by the lake next to your sweetie and appreciate the pleasure of finding peace amid chaos together.

Wat Buddhapadipa

14 Calonne Rd London SW19 5HJ

44 20 8946 1357

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