Wahaca: Spice It Up


Spice up your next dinner date with a trip to Wahaca, one of London’s hippest Mexican restaurants. Street food is the name of the game here, with shareable plates of authentic southwestern Mexican cuisine and a lively atmosphere. Escort your sweetheart to a table dominated by a bright red bottle of hot sauce and go on a culinary tour of a Mexican market. Start with the slow-cooked pork pibil tacos, which are bathed in a succulent Yucatecan marinade, then dig into a chorizo and potato quesadilla. Seafood lovers will love the MSC haddock with pumpkin seed sauce, while true polyglots will appreciate “British steak, the Mexican way,” slices of proper British steak enlivened by green rice, charred onions, and tangy salsa. As the food keeps coming, trade bites with your date, and don’t be afraid of that bottle of hot sauce you’ve been eyeing. It adds just the right kick to the food–and the bar has plenty of Corona to help put out the fire. If you’re really making a night of it, cap off the meal with a small glass of premium tequila–Wahaca has a great selection of the blue agave spirit, categorized as blanco (clear and unaged), reposado (“rested” in oak barrels), and añejo (aged for several years). Since you’d never try them all in one night, you’ll just have to come back for another date to do some more research together.


Ariel Way London W12 7GQ

44 20 8749 4517

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