Vanilla Black: A Vegetarian Vanguard


When it comes to fine dining, vegetarians are often left out in the cold. Sure, many restaurants offer some version of a portobello burger and will cheerily steam the life out of a plate of mixed vegetables, but vegetarian dishes that get the same elevated treatment given to a fine filet are rare to say the least. That’s exactly what makes Vanilla Black such a treat to discover both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians curious to push their culinary boundaries. Done up in modern shades of grey and dark wood interrupted by broad swaths of white, the ambiance at this upscale vegetarian restaurant is spot-on for your next date night in London. Only the freshest produce of the season makes it on the menu, the selection constantly reworked to accommodate the new harvest of Jerusalem artichokes or slender, aromatic scallions. Ask the staff to guide your decision, as some of the more esoteric ingredients may require a little explanation. What comes next is simply stunning. You’ll swoon when you see a circle of bullseye-patterned candy beets, topped with vinegar-pickled cucumbers and plump cherry tomatoes on a bed of hand-selected microgreens. Meanwhile, your sweetheart will smile when an updated version of the classic British tostie is delivered to the table, still crisped to cheesy perfection, but using an aged bleu and crisp rye for an artisan touch. And these are only the appetizers. While the menu can only be predicted by the bounty of the season, it’s the masterful handiwork of the chefs that will convince you that vegetarian cuisine can easily be some of the tastiest of all.

Vanilla Black

17-18 Took's Ct London EC4A 1LB

44 20 7242 2622

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