Up at the O2: Climb Mount Olympics


The best city views usually demand a little work. One of London’s most recent vistas is perched right on top of the Olympic O2 arena, making for a thrilling day date with one of the most picturesque payoffs in the city. Before you head to the arena to brave Up at the O2 together, download the free iPhone or Android app to enhance your experience. When you arrive, your climbing guides will outfit you with a charmingly baggy climb suit, harness, helmet, and shoes. As you and your partner ascend the spiraling metal staircase to the starting point, take some deep breaths to prepare yourself, and make sure your attention doesn’t drift during the safety training. It’s easy to become distracted looking at the blue line growing thinner and thinner as it crests the apex of the stadium dome. Now the time has come to clip your carabineer to the guide wires and take your first steps. Resist the urge to cling to your darling as you adjust your footing to the springy canvas material that comprises the route. Don’t be afraid to shout a little encouragement through the sound of the whipping wind as you approach the summit. When you arrive, use the aforementioned phone app as a pair of binoculars to spot all the Thames landmarks along the river bank and plan out your next steps visually, then switch to your camera and pull your sweetie close for the ultimate selfie at the top of the city.

Up at the O2

Peninsula Square London SE10

44 20 8463 2000

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