Dans le Noir?: London’s Darkest Culinary Experience


Dining at Dans le Noir is a culinary experience unlike any other. What makes the restaurant so special isn’t what you eat, but how you eat it—in complete, pitch-black darkness. And on top of that, all the food is served by expert waiters, who happen to be blind.

As you and your date step through the charming, Victorian shop front entrance, you quickly realise this is not a typical restaurant. The enthusiastic staff warmly greet you and urge you to enjoy a glass of wine or “surprise” cocktail in the front bar. While you sip your drinks, your host takes your food order. There are four meal options to choose from—meat, fish, vegetarian, or if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s even another “surprise” option. This is the only hint you receive about your food before it is served, and the menu changes every month or two to keep regular visitors guessing.

Dining in complete darkness is challenging and exciting. It heightens all your other senses, and you find yourself focused on nothing other than what’s directly in front of you. You’re finely attuned to the sounds of the waiters delivering your food, and when your meal arrives, you’re first task is guessing what’s on your plate. The smells hit you immediately, but it’s pitch black and you’re not afraid to get more creative in your investigation. Touching the meal or eating with your hands is perfectly acceptable and maybe even necessary. Your taste buds are heightened in the dark, and you savour every single note on your tongue. You and your date both laugh when you realise you’re not sure what half the things are on your plate. When you’ve finished eating, you both agree you can’t wait to find out if you guessed correctly.

Dans le Noir is a total sensory overload that leaves you feeling surprised, humbled, grateful, and satisfied. You may have arrived at Dans le Noir hoping for a delicious meal, but it’s truly the experience that makes the evening exceptional.

Dans le Noir

30-31 Clerkenwell Green London EC1R 0DU

020 7253 1100

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