Champagne is one of the classiest, most delicious date night drinks out there, but what if you don’t love the caviar that it’s so often paired with? Then bring your sweetheart to Bubbledogs, where the fancy tipple is served alongside the simplest and most satisfying of snacks: hot dogs. This high-low pairing is nothing short of perfect, so grab a cozy table for two by the exposed brick walls and experience the magic together. Let the server/sommeliers guide you through the massive list of small-batch, grower-sourced champagne, then select a bottle that matches your mood for the night.

You’ll need less guidance through the hot dog menu, although the wealth of choices can still be daunting, from the “breakie” dog, with fried egg, tomato relish, and black pudding bits, to the “date dog,” with roasted garlic, pickled onions, and chive cream cheese (you’ll be bound together by your breath). If you’re a sucker for the classics, opt for the New Yorker, a fab frankfurter overflowing with sauerkraut and street cart-style onions. When two glasses of bubbly are placed alongside the red baskets lined with wax paper cradling your dinner, apply a thin squeeze of mustard and dig in, trading bites with your date until it’s time for Round 2. With your basic hunger and thirst satisfied, indulge in a signature cocktail like the Made in Normandy (calvados, cinnamon vodka, lemon and apple juice, and Aunt Jemima pancake syrup … really) a cheeky denouement to a quirky night on the town.


70 Charlotte St London England W1T 4QG

44 20 7637 7770

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