Alain Ducasse: Taste the Stars


Your partner is extraordinary and deserves an extraordinary evening. That’s why, tonight, the two of you are going to Alain Ducasse, one of only two London restaurants to earn the distinction of three Michelin stars.

Journey to the posh Dorchester Hotel, set across from Hyde Park, and keep an eye out while you walk past the entryway — you never know when a celebrity might breeze past. Once you walk into Alain Ducasse, you’ll be glad you’ve donned your finest threads. The furnishings and decor are elegant with a touch of whimsy, and everything is clearly high-end. The tables are set with artful precision, and each glass and piece of silverware was made exclusively for the restaurant. You may be unfamiliar with the finer points of high-end crockery, but the ceramic, porcelain, silver, and crystal certainly look dazzling, catching the light like polished gemstones.

The wine list is massive — you’ve read novels that were shorter — so allow your friendly server to help you find what you’re looking for, both in style and price range. For tonight, a Bruno Paillard premiere cuvee feels right. The sweet effervescence matches the bubbly mood you’re in, inspiring you to opt for the seven-course seasonal menu.

Clink glasses and get ready for what may be one of the top restaurant meals on the planet–the undercover eaters of the Michelin Guides certainly think so. With effortless grace, your servers bring you a parade of delicacies, each more decadent than the one that came before it: fine black caviar, luxurious foie gras, buttery lobster. Conversation falls silent as you savor every tasty morsel, then realize with a laugh that you still have several courses to go.

Every dish is delicious, but the Aveyron lamb, from a farm in the Midi-Pyrenees region of southern France, is nothing less than sublime. Served with baby artichokes, wild garlic, and almond butter, this seemingly simple preparation belies a veritable explosion of flavors.

At a certain point in the meal, you aren’t even keeping track of which course you’re on or what time it is. You’re just happy to savor what’s on your plate and anticipate more good things to come. With no distractions except for the amazing food, you and your date can enjoy the kind of wide-ranging conversation you only wish you had time for during your hectic workweeks, and you blissfully chat into the evening.

When you’ve polished off your desserts and taken the last sip of wine, you’re already nostalgic for your night at Alain Ducasse. The two of you grandly stroll out onto Park Lane and back into the bustle of London, still raving over the experience you just shared.

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Alain Ducasse

53 Park Lane London W1K 1QA

020 7629 8866

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