A Date at Regent Street Cinema: Birthplace of British Cinema


What says date night more than a trip to the cinema? There’s nothing more romantic than holding your sweetheart’s hand in the dark, sharing some popcorn while you immerse yourself in the magic on the silver screen. Of course, you won’t settle for the local multiplex on your night out. You want to go to a classy art house theatre, a place steeped in history, and that’s why you take your date to the very birthplace of British cinema.

Regent Street Cinema was built in 1848, and premiered the first moving pictures by the Lumière brothers in the UK. The venue has played a significant role in cinema history, but has sadly been closed to the public for the past 30 years. Now, after an extensive restoration campaign, you have the chance to experience a taste of old-time cinema magic. Along with a state-of-the-art digital projector, the Regent Street Cinema holds some of the last few 16mm and 35mm film projectors in the UK, which means they can show films you’re unlikely to see anywhere else in London.

You find the cinema on Regent Street right in the heart of London’s quintessential retail and entertainment district. You are impressed with the discrete and elegant façade that greets you. As you glide through the grand glass doors, you enter a radiant foyer with polished white floors where the friendly box office staff welcome you. Your date stops to admire the circular lights hanging from the ceiling as you buy the tickets.

You continue your way through the double doors and enter the comfy bar area where your eyes are immediately drawn towards the remarkable crescent-shaped bar. After you’ve bought refreshments to enjoy during the film, you walk past the bar to reach the auditorium. As you make your way to your seats, you both look up to admire the stunning domed glass ceiling and restored Art Deco features from the cinema’s renovation in the 1920s. The 200 comfortable, lime-green seats are tiered, so you have an undisturbed view from wherever you’re sitting. You lead your date towards the intimate double seats in the balcony where you can sit back and enjoy the film in more privacy. If you don’t want your enchanting evening to end after one film, come for one of the cinema’s double bill screenings and make your romantic date last even longer. For a perfect ending, you head over to the bar for some post cinema confab over a glass of wine.

Regent Street Cinema

309 Regent Street London W1B 2HT

+44 (0)207 911 5050

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