A great girls’ day out requires equal parts elegance and excess. For healthy measures of both, grab the gals and head down to Vinopolis, London’s exciting new interactive wine museum. You’ll know you’re in for a treat when you learn that the entry price includes tokens redeemable for some of the vintage varietals inside. As you enter, hang a right past reception and start passing glasses around to the girls before heading into the auditorium. After a fifteen minute demonstration that will teach you how to sufficiently swirl, smell, and sample, you’re free to roam about the two brick-walled tasting rooms. Unless you’re training to be a sommelier, skip the educational exposition about terroir and secondary fermentation and head all the way down the leftmost hallway. Approach one of the blond wood cabinets and pop in a token to select your first pour. You and the girls can compare notes in an orderly fashion, or jump around the room pouring whatever suits your fancy. Pull your friend back as she darts for the downstairs champagne bar on the way to tasting room number two. You wouldn’t want to get separated before you get to the bubbly. When you’ve finally found your favorites, step cautiously into the Laithwaite’s retail section of the museum and buy a bottle or three to take home. Make a pact with your friends to control your spending, then promptly obliterate it as you splurge for this special occasion. Compare your selections on the way out the door and see which one of you has mastered the art of fine wine snobbery.


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