The British Raj may have ended after less than a century, but London’s love of Indian cuisine will never die, so grab some friends and head out for a night of culinary exploration across the subcontinent. As you and your crew approach the entrance on Regents Street, a uniformed doorman—complete with crested turban—swings open a large purple door, hinting at the regal experience to come. When you’ve reached the second story dining room of Veeraswamy, the U.K.’s oldest Indian restaurant, the elevator opens to reveal an elegant room with bright silk Maharaja’s turbans hung on the walls and blue, green, and gold light fixtures that recall the vibrant hues of the Holi festival. Sure, this cozy spot would make a perfect date night destination, but for now, exploit your friends’ generosity (and adventurous appetites) and order a little of everything. When the house specialty raj kachori—wheat poori stuffed with all kinds of goodies—is placed on the table, let your eyes gloss over the sea of colors and textures, then take in the parade of delicacies that follow it, from steaming duck vindaloo to tender lamb tandoor. As you pass the dishes back and forth and claim your favorites, notice the colorful flecks of curry that begin to dot the white tablecloth, the cumin seeds floating in deep red tomato gravy, and the lamb cuts simmering in orange masala on a heap of fresh basmati. Go ahead and take a picture, it’s a feast to remember. After the bowls have been scraped clean, lean back into the padded seats and stare up at the colorful lights overhead. Before you realize it, a well-timed cup of chai has appeared in front of you, as if by magic.


99 Regent Street, Mezzanine Floor, Victory House, London, W1B 4RS, United Kingdom

44 20 7734 1401

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