Tayyab’s: Savory Skewers


Guide books can help you find the highlights of any city, but in London, looking out for an orderly, well-formed queue is the democratic way of discovering local favorites. With a quickly-moving line a regular part of the restaurant’s façade, Tayyab’s is no doubt one of London’s best kebab shops, so make it your first stop on your next outing with friends. Feel free to peruse the menu while your table is being prepared, but you’re here for one thing: skewered meats. After all, this family-owned spot has been perfecting their authentic Punjabi recipes since opening their doors back in 1972. Whichever of the three purple neon-lit rooms you’re guided to, the aromas wafting from the open grill and the perfume of spices hanging in the air will have you salivating before you’re even seated. While fresh lamb cuts are being pierced on a kebab and set on the grill, you can compare notes around the table about the papadums and chutneys–mango, mint and tamarind–that arrive at your table the moment you sit down. As you’re picking at the light crispy remains of your appetizer, keep an ear out for the audible sizzle of a plate of chili lamb, trailed by a cloud of spice smoke curling into the air. When everyone’s tender kebabs have been devoured, napkins depleted in a scrum of greasy-fingered satisfaction, try your best to make it through the tender onions at the bottom of your platter. Every part of your meal is meant to be savored–except for the skewers.


83-89 Fieldgate St London E1 1JU

44 20 7247 8521

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