The approach to Westminster Abbey inspires awe, wonder, and even tears from some of its thousands of visitors each year, including two very famous twenty-somethings who tied the knot there in 2011. Yes, it was the sight of Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton–along with royal marriages dating back to 1100–making it the perfect place for an unforgettable girls day out. As you arrive at the historic church under the watchful eyes of saintly statues peering down from over the doorway, your friend might feel some wedding-style jitters. That’s not unusual, so just put your arm around her shoulders and walk together through the grey stone columns in the light of the chandeliers overhead. (Putting on an upper-crust accent can help break the tension.) After passing the red lampshades in the tight choir corridor, take a few steps up the alter, taking care to not trod too heavily on the mosaic work in front of the gold structure housing shining statues. When you’ve felt the electricity of this hallowed spot and snapped a few emotionally overwhelmed photos in the footsteps of the new royal couple, head outside for a breath of fresh air. Later, over tea, you can discuss where you’d take your honeymoon if you were the new princess, and make plans to buy one of those jaunty fascinator caps that she made all the rage during the regal matrimony proceedings.

Westminster Abbey

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