PING: Table Tennis, Anyone?


When the cell phones come out at the bar, it’s not that your friends don’t care – they’re just not that stimulated. Avoid this awkward scene on your next night out with friends with a visit to PING, London’s über-trendy temple to table tennis. Slip on your striped headbands, polish your paddles, and get ready for some no-holds-barred ping-pong with a side of tasty pub fare. Table tennis isn’t the first party game you think of, but with signature cocktails to stoke your competitive side and a whole menu of cheesy Italian classics to provide some fuel, you’ll get in the game quicker than you can say boo-ya. Let the live DJ help you get pumped up as you take on all comers, playfully taunting those who fall victim to your wicked topspin. Sooner or later, though, you’ll lose a game and have to wait your turn to reclaim your crown. Instead of reaching for your phone, check out the cutting-edge street art, random scraps of wallpaper, and celebrity photos decorating the place–not to mention the upbeat, well-dressed crowd. Take advantage of this time by scarfing down a “pick me up” pizza, with thick sliced British ham, mixed mushrooms, and egg. Pair it with a Chandler Ping–a decadent shareable watermelon cocktail bowl–or an American-style Peer Pong kit (12 red frat party cups and 6 bottles of Asahi) and you’re in for a memorable night of trash-talking and fun. It may not be Wimbledon, but these tiny tennis courts offer just as much excitement.


184 Earls Court Gardens London SW5

44 20 7370 5358

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