Have a Picnic With Friends on Primrose Hill


While London is known for its drizzly weather, it has its share of sunny days. Take full advantage of the next one by getting your closest friends together for a relaxing picnic on Primrose Hill, an idyllic spot in Regent’s Park that offers a peaceful escape from the stresses of the city.

Even if you’ve already packed a basket with the essentials, be sure to stop by the charming Negozio Classica on your way to the park. There, you can pick up some Tuscan-influenced specialty snacks and a nice bottle of Italian wine, which will serve as your reward when you make it to the 256-foot-high summit. Once you reach the hill, laugh with your friends as you weave your way around the sunbathers lying in the grass, hauling your wicker basket upward like an urban sherpa.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot to set up camp, lay down a blanket or two and dig out the bottle of chianti from your picnic basket. Pour the wine into paper cups or those fancy plastic wine glasses you picked up and give a hearty “Cheers!” before you take a sip, settle back against the hill, close your eyes, and give a sigh filled with content. Once you rejoin the picnic, swap your latest life stories while you snack on bread, cheese, cured meats, sausage rolls, and scotch eggs before you dig your plastic forks into mini pies and cupcakes for dessert.

Let the hours pass without checking your watch. Instead, simply read a book, chat with your friends, play a round of cards, or just breathe in the fresh air without thinking about what time it is. Grab a friend or two and take a walk around the area — since this is one of London’s fanciest neighborhoods, you may even catch a glimpse of a celebrity strolling by. Get in touch with your inner photographer as you wander around and snap shots of the London skyline in the distance. With Primrose Hill’s 360-degree, panoramic view of the city, you aren’t hurting for stunning vistas.

Rejoin your friends on your blanket when the sun begins to set and watch the yellow- and pink-streaked sky fade into darkness. Let the shimmering skyline and twinkling lights from the London Eye in the distance guide your way back down the hill, where you can continue your fun in a charming pub.

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