Kurt Geiger: Heaven for Shoe Lovers


Belinda Carlisle was right — Heaven is a place on Earth. More specifically, it’s a shop in Covent Garden. Heavenly bright white lights shine on hundreds of gorgeous pairs of shoes at Kurt Geiger, one of London’s most popular shoe stores. And the best part is, you can be as bad as you want to be and still get there, so call up your girls, meet them at this shoe lovers’ paradise at the foot of James Street, and get shopping.

When you roll up on these pearly gates (or glass double doors, whatever), you are rendered speechless. For, instead of Saint Peter, there standing before you is a towering, illuminated hanging “shoedelier,” whose 250-or-so components you must resist plucking off and wearing.

The seemingly miles-long shelves (which contain over 1,000 different styles) are lit from every direction, and the lights all over the walls and ceiling lend the shop an ethereal ambiance. As you make your way down the ultramodern staircase to the lower level, you’re blessed by elegant mannequins who rejoice in your presence, their arms raised in exaltation. Walking around, you and your friends take turns swooning and catching each other until you’re suddenly tempted by the fruit of some shimmery bronze and silver vintage-style peep-toe flats with rhinestone embellishments that would go perfectly with your flapper Halloween costume.

Then you covet a pair of red and black leopard print platform pumps one of your gal pals picks up, and in a moment of weakness, you ask for them in your size too. Sit on one of the velvety red sofas and wait for your shoes to be retrieved. Your piety is rewarded, and everything you try on fits perfectly. Before long, you’re all walking out with several black shopping bags–and a plan to model your new kicks at a stylish cocktail lounge.

So the next time someone asks you whether it hurt when you fell from Heaven, look down a little mournfully at your sexy new shoes and tell them yes. But take heart: Kurt Geiger is open for worship seven days a week.

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Kurt Geiger

1 James Street London WC2E 8BG

+44 20 7836 8478

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