Jack the Ripper Walk: A Scary Good Time


Shrouded in London’s foggy nostalgia, Jack the Ripper haunts the public consciousness as much now as it did during the Victorian era. Five brutal murders of women in the then-poor areas around Whitechapel from August to November 1888 sent the city’s residents into a panic, in no small part because of the endless stream of salacious headlines in newspapers. Since no killer was ever identified by Scotland Yard, people have been speculating ever since. Join them–and test your friends’ mettle–by embarking on one of the most unique tours of the Ripper’s bloody trail of terror, the Jack the Ripper Walk by London Walks. Meet your pals under the cover of darkness near the Whitechapel Art Gallery, around the corner from Osborne Street, the site of the first of the Whitechapel murders. If the lingering back alley chill and click-clack of heels on cobblestone hasn’t set an eerie mood already, the tour’s visuals will. Projected on the walls of each crime scene are the wan, moribund faces of the Ripper’s victims, distorted as they stretch along the curved brick tunnels of the dangerous passageways of old East London. As you continue through alcoves and minuscule lanes, your guides will help unravel clues offered by each ghastly new murder. With your pals doubling as detectives at your side, you can hazard a guess at the true identity of the world’s most notorious serial killer. After withstanding the heart-wrenching details of the last victim, Mary Kelly, your expert “ripperologist” will share one-of-a-kind police photos of the crime scene before revealing their own guess as to the Ripper’s true identity. As you depart, keep your friends close. You never know what may lurk in the dingy brick shadows of this haunted neighborhood.

Jack the Ripper Walk

Whitechapel High St London E1 7QX

44 7803 067544

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