There’s the tame way to hit London, full of high tea and museum hopping, and then there’s Southbank Skate Park, where you and the guys can shred from dawn till dusk. Grab your boards and lead the pack down Waterloo Bridge as you get a little blood flowing in your legs. The park is hidden in a little undercroft beneath the Southbank Centre. Make a quick u-turn back to the quayside strand – unless you want to take a brief detour through the graffiti-covered Leake Street tunnel – and listen for the sound of blazing wheels and barking trucks to guide you. You and the guys can freestyle for a bit, cruising up the spray painted embankments before starting the real competition. When you’ve settled on the best line, queue up for a little game of skate, seeing if you can match each others’ tricks – or at least try to get close. After pumping up and down the ramps, biffing it on an overextended coping, and then finally nailing that hardflip down the much-trafficked seven-stair, whip out the cameras and capture all the guys’ final exhausted run. You’ll have plenty of time to start planning your crews’ new skate video over the post-thrash grub, and can offer some helpful – if harsh – criticisms of each others’ new signature trick: the faceplant.

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