Get Off to a Healthy Start in 2015 at London’s 3 Best Juice Bars


The holiday season was fab, but all that partying – and all those sweets – have left you feeling a bit out of shape. Before you reach for that last comforting handful of Christmas cookies, grab a few friends and start the new year on a positive note with a visit to a juice bar. Far from the bland, patchouli-scented health-food spots of the ’70s, today’s juice bars are vibrant, light-filled spaces serving some of the healthiest and most delicious beverages on the planet. Whether you’re trying to trim your waistline, improve your focus, or just feel better overall, you’ll find the all-natural, vitamin-packed elixir you need for a great 2015 at one of the 3 best juice bars in London. Take a look.

Juice Tonic

For a quick juice stop-off, head to Soho to the tiny Juice Tonic, which prides itself on creating delicious, organic, cold-pressed juices using a top-of-the-range Norwalk juicer, which extracts fresh juices while preserving all the raw food’s enzymes and nutrients. Have a go at assembling your own, tailor-made juice by picking and choosing from the menu – a tropical blend of coconut water, pineapple, and lemongrass, perhaps? Sip proudly on your refreshing creation, while your less courageous friend goes for a tried-and-tested blend like the green detox: apple, kale, spinach, parsley, coriander, lemon, ginger, and seasonal greens. See who has the clearest head afterwards.

Joe & the Juice

If you and your buddies want a juice bar where you can wile away the hours, make a beeline for Joe & The Juice, which has five spacious outlets across the capital, including four in the West End and one on the Kings Road. You and your crew will get an immediate energy boost just from walking in the door, where Joe & The Juice’s upbeat music, lively atmosphere, and friendly staff are there to greet you. There’s plenty of space for you to chat, work, or just chill out. Wake up even more with a zingy energizer (with red grapefruit, ginger, and apple) – and laugh at your friend for trying to roll back the years with a young blood (celery, organic apple, and lemon). You can pick up a healthy sandwich or salad while you’re at it.

Roots & Bulbs

If you’re on a low-sugar kick, then visit Marylebone’s Roots & Bulbs, a juice bar that elevates vegetable-based juices over fruit-based ones. The menu is divided into the Gs (greens) and the Cs (carrots). If you’re feeling brave, go for G1: the bar’s signature blend of cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, ginger, and spice. Much like drinking cold vegetable soup, it’s decidedly not for the faint-hearted: One 500ml serving is created using a whopping 1.4 kg of vegetables and will give you a mega-dose of vitamins. That first sip will make you feel like you could hop off your cork-topped stool and start flying around the room. You’ll feel far superior to the friend who’s gone for the C2 (carrot, beetroot, cucumber, apple, and herb) although you can argue between yourselves about who will see more of the benefits. Or who will fit into their skinny jeans when they get home.

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Juice Tonic

3 Winnett Street London W1D 6JY

44 20 7434 3706

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