While many landmarks hint at the violence of Europe’s bloody history, few display the highlights in vivid shades of red and grey quite like the London Dungeon. Only your most macho mates will be able to stomach the terrors held within the walls, so choose carefully who you bring here on your next outing with friends. You’ll be greeted by a macabre candelabra holder whose dusty countenance is only just illuminated by the dancing flames. Continue winding through the corridors and you’ll uncover terrifying testimonials from ghosts of the Great Fire of London, chat with the charming heads of Henry VIII’s victims, and see the serpentine silhouette of Jack the Ripper stalking his latest lady of the evening. Of course, there’s more than a little gallows humour worked in to the tour, but no sooner has the laughter subsided than a blood curdling shriek precedes the frightening façade of even more of London’s living dead. At the end of your adventure, you’ll be invited to test out one of the dungeon’s new toys – the dead drop. After clamoring into a cell, you’ll instinctively grasp your friend’s arm as the room drops suddenly, landing you back at your starting point. Keep your eyes out for the picture that was taken during the descent, and get everyone to chip in for this perfect snapshot of your shared looks of terror.

London Dungeon

Westminster Bridge Rd SE1 7JA

44 871 423 2240

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