Clockjack Oven: Hot London Birds


When you’re in the mood for a savory heap of juicy, delicious rotisserie chicken, Clockjack Oven is the only correct choice. This casual Soho eatery is an ideal start to a night out with friends in London, so find some seats at the chopping block-style counter and watch the poultry magic happen before your eyes. Light from the rotisserie bounces off the white tile walls as the chickens, stacked vertically, sizzle away with pleasing pops and crackles, crispy skin licked by dancing flames. There’s a reason you came here as a group: to split a whole chicken, or two, or three. After all, they’re affordable, delicious, and come with your choice of house-made sauces, ranging from creamy ranch and tangy barbecue to rich, glorious brown gravy. To keep things hot and fresh, order one bird at a time, so your group can savor the primal bonding experience of sharing fire-roasted meat. The chicken’s the star of the show here, but it’s worth ordering a couple tasty sides, as the sage-and-onion herb bites and heaped house coleslaw are perfect complements. As you pick the bones clean on your final fowl of the evening, set up a taste test between sauces to see which one reigns supreme. While you and your friends may disagree on your condiment of choice, there’s no debate that Clockjack’s chickens are the best in London.

Clockjack Oven

14 Denman St London England W1D

44 20 7287 5111

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