A Candied Cocktail Bar: Your Best Dessert in London


If you’re a cocktail bar enthusiast, you’ll know that the types of mixed tipple you can order in London don’t stop at your average martini. These days, thanks to recent mixology trends, the culinary cocktail is one of the most fashionable drinks you can sip in the capital. And with venues serving a new wave of drinks inspired by our favourite sweets and puddings, they are all vying for the title of the place to find the best dessert in London. Here are five of the city’s best.

Outlaw’s Restaurant

A sweet and boozy tiramisu usually has you going weak at the knees when you’re dining out. So when cocktail hour arrives and the mixologist serves up a liquid version of this classic Italian dessert, you’re in your element. This rich liqueur-based drink can be found in Outlaw’s, the plush and polished cocktail bar and Michelin-starred restaurant at The Capital Hotel, near to the world-famous Harrods of Knightsbridge. It’s sweet as pie and layered with Frangelico, Baileys, vodka, espresso, and, of course, Amaretto. This glorious “cake-tail” is so good you’ll want to come back for seconds.


Keen to relive your memories of a classic Floridian holiday, you and your friends take yourselves to Rocket, a casual city cocktail bar in London’s Midtown where craft beverages are calling. You never imagined you’d find the sunshine of the Florida Keys in a glass this side of the pond, but the lime-infused vodka and tropical notes of Velvet Falernum have dispelled all doubt. Your sweet tooth can’t get enough of the condensed milk base and gingerbread garnish of this delectable drink. This is the perfect liquid form of your favourite conch dessert, and it has you making a beeline to the bar for more.

The Jones Family Project

The thought of a steaming apple pie that’s come straight out of the oven has long been your idea of sweet treat bliss. But the culinary cocktail version at The Jones Family Project, a cocktail bar and steakhouse in Shoreditch, has made you think again. As you and your cocktail-loving friend celebrate the weekend in this trendy hotspot, the tempting notes of muddled apple and cinnamon hit your palate. Head bartender Alejandro McIntyre-Vera has used egg white to make it deliciously frothy and the kick of Calvados, an apple based brandy, sends your taste buds into overdrive. Who said the best dessert in London was served on a plate?

The Jam Tree

It’s Friday night, so the lively Old Town of Clapham beckons and the candied drinks of The Jam Tree, this area’s trendiest cocktail bar, never disappoint. As the name suggests, their signature Jammy Dodger has all the flavours of its namesake and reminds you of your childhood. As you say cheers underneath the venue’s golden spherical lamps, a swirl of Butterscotch Schnapps, Frangelico, and Chambord mixed with double cream and raspberry jam tick all of your criteria for a decadent dessert drink.

The Shrub and Shutter

You’ve been reading the London papers and noticed that the innovative dessert drinks at The Shrub and Shutter have got people talking. This hip and quirky cocktail bar joins an array of fresh and exciting venues in Brixton, but this one picked up a “Time Out Love London Award” for its bespoke shrub-based beverages. So you and your friend make it a date to explore. As you perch on stools and admire this Aladdin’s Cave of knick-knacks, your milk bottle-shaped glasses arrive. You and your fellow cocktail fan sip through striped straws and feel like kids in a candy shop when the sweet chocolatey flavours hit your palate. Vanilla ice cream, almond milk, truffle bitters, and gin create a heady version of some of your favourite childhood chocolate bars. It gets better every time you sip, and you spend the evening discovering more dessert inspired inventions. Not only is this possibly the best dessert in London, but it’s also your new culinary cocktail vice.

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  • Rocket


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  • The Jam Tree


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  • The Shrub and Shutter

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