Stoking your kids’ interest in Shakespeare is on par with playing classical music in the crib. At worst, it’s intelligent entertainment that they fidget their way through. At best, it unlocks a world of creativity in their young minds and primes them for future feats of artistic genius. Since you’re pretty much good either way, schedule a trip to the legendary Globe Theatre on your next family day in London and see what happens. Officially known as Shakespeare’s Globe, this impressive re-creation of the 1599 original that stood about 750 feet away is the ultimate setting to experience the Bard’s most enduring works. Whether you pick the violent saga of Titus Andronicus or the lighthearted follies of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the experience of seeing the play unfold almost exactly as audiences did more than 400 years ago simply can’t be duplicated anywhere else. Enter through the heavy wooden doors with your kids on either side, taking a moment to explore the plebeian standing section before heading to your booth. When the show’s about to start, a hush falls over the crowd and all eyes focus on the stage. With dedicated thespians performing these timeless tales–authentic English accents and all–you’ll be transported to 16th Century Europe before you know it. When the curtain drops and the final bows are taken, spend a little time walking around the thick white Elizabethan-style walls of the theater, checking out the countless historic details. You’ll be funneled straight into the gift shop, of course, where your newly inspired kids can find their very own quill to start penning their magnum opus.

Shakespeare's Globe

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