Wild Kingdom: An Untamed Playground


Kids need a little rough-and-tumble adventuring in their playtime, and Wild Kingdom Playspace has it in spades. So on your next family day in London, gather your rambunctious little ones and escape to the old industrial center at Three Mills, where you can trade the urban jungle for the city’s best attempt at a real jungle. Spreading out in sight of the Olympic Stadium, Wild Kingdom is a scruffy affair, so don’t expect neat rows of swingsets and shiny slides. This untamed park is all about exploration and discovery, from the chalk-covered granite tables that provide a reusable canvas for their latest works of art, to the climbable rope canopy that rocks and sways with each timorous totter. Hold their hands as they make balletic leaps from pylon to pylon at the stepping posts, ready to catch them if their balance fails. From here, they’ll leave you behind and make a break up the small grassy valley with its balance beam obstacle course to the lookout log, taking the entire wild kingdom into view. When they’ve bounced out the last of their excitement on the trampoline at the park’s center, scoop them in your arms as they recount all the little treasures they uncovered during their adventure in this magical green space.

Wild Kingdom Three Mills Playspace

London E3 3DU

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