It’s hard to miss the green dome crowning Madame Tussauds‘ rotunda building. Hidden behind the curving red entrance is a classic family day adventure your kids will never forget. As you make your way through the display halls, don’t worry about holding the little ones back as they rush to wrap their arms around the life-sized Shrek. This particular room was designed with hands-on exploration in mind, so get out the camera and snap a few photos they can show their friends. Got some gullible relatives back home? Take a picture with the realistically-rendered royals and see how long you can convince them you actually had an audience with the queen. If you’ve got a teenage girl in tow, remind her before you get to the pop-star pavilion that smooching the Justin Bieber figure is generally discouraged. At the penultimate stop, split into two groups and board the iconic black taxi cab idling in front of you. You’ll careen through numerous displays of England’s history, flying through dingy medieval streets to the spinning cogs of Queen Victoria’s industrial era through the blitz of London right into the swinging ‘60s. As you head back into the modern world, it may take a second to get adjusted. The displays are so lifelike at Tussaud’s it will have you wondering whether that man waiting idly at a bus stop might have wandered from his display.

Madame Tussauds

Allsop Pl NW1

44 871 894 3000

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