The Victoria Memorial: Fit For a Queen


Reigning over England during some of its most prominent colonial high points, Queen Victoria’s legacy is one of Britain’s greatest distinctions. Nowhere is this monumental figure more properly venerated than at the monument bearing her name, directly outside Buckingham Palace. The Queen Victoria Memorial is impossible to miss as your family tour of London goes through the Victoria District. A white marble column juts into the sky, topped with a gilded statue of Victory, whose golden wings shine like a beacon. Approaching from the mall, guide your family up the shallow steps as the looming figure of the Regina herself sits stoically, draped in robes and clutching an orb and scepter. Take some time to discuss the meanings of the personified virtues the statue represents with your kids, explaining the courage of the bronze lions and the valorous pose of armor-wearing, sword-bearing Justice. On unseasonably hot days, it’s not unusual to see people wading in the crystal clear fountain waters bubbling away under the perimeter plinths, so don’t worry too much about letting the kids dip their toes in the water before heading off to the next destination. This massive column, with its deep symbolism, is one of the best impressions of the importance of Victoria’s reign.

Queen Victoria Memorial

London England SW1A

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