Sea Life London Aquarium: Ocean On the Thames


There are few family day adventures quite as exciting as a visit to the sprawling Sea Life London Aquarium. Located right along the Thames, your kids will be thrilled to take a plunge into this exotic world of aquatic wonders. Start with a test of your kids’ mettle – the Shark Walk. You’ll feel as if you’re swimming as you enter a crystal-clear tunnel that cuts through a massive aquarium teeming with the toothy predators. (Stare long enough and you’ll swear they’re sizing you up as an appetizer.) Once you’ve safely made it through, there’s an interactive treat waiting–a “touch tank” where, under the close supervision of one of the staffers, the kids can actually touch a live ray (don’t worry, their tail barbs have been removed). Hear the little ones squeal with delight as they gently touch the rays with two fingers and notice the unique, velvety feel of their skin. Continue winding through the displays, skirting past colorful arrangements of coral reef circled by a vibrant assortment of tropical fish covered in zigzags, stripes, dots, and innumerable other distinctive markings. Keep an eye out for the whale skeleton lying at the bottom of one of the tanks. It may be a plaster recreation, but it helps explain to your kids the scale of the world’s largest ecosystem. At the very end, those grinning sharks are on display once more, prowling through the hollow windows and doorways of a sunken building. When you’ve finished, feel free to go back and explore the penguins, green turtles and octopi once more. No matter what species your kids prefer, there are bound to be several creatures in the Sea Life exhibits sure to capture their imaginations.

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Sea Life London Aquarium

Westminster Bridge Rd London SE1

44 871 663 1678

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