Whether you’re a visitor from overseas or a local getting to know your city better, you’ll no doubt chance upon Trafalgar Square at some point in your wanderings. That’s a good thing, as the historic public square is one of the best places in London for a family day outing, surrounded by some of the city’s most unmissable landmarks. Walk into the square  and be greeted by the towering figure of Lord Nelson, the British naval hero of the Napoleonic Wars, who stands atop a Corinthian column. Go ahead and let the kids make an immediate pigeon-scattering dash for the four lions ringing the pedestal of Nelson’s Tower, hoisting themselves up each tier before wrapping their arms around the necks of these bronze beasts. Don’t worry—these tough outdoor cats can handle the attention. Snap a few photos of your kids making their most heroic poses, then explain to them how Nelson led the British fleet to victory back in 1805 in the Battle of Trafalgar, which gave the square its name. As the little ones continue to chase each other through the square, take a slow, 360-degree spin to see what surrounds you. Among many breathtaking sights is the National Portrait Gallery, standing proudly opposite the sight of Big Ben looming through the canyons of Georgian brick buildings. Two fountains bubble contently in the square, calling your kids to toss a few coins in, along with their wishes. Give them a couple of pence to have fun with. As the coins flip into the fountain with a pleasant plunk, chances are they’ll be wishing for another family outing as memorable as this one.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square England WC2N 5DN

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